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HSMWorks is a fully integrated CAD/CAM software for SOLIDWORKS, offering 2.5 and 3-axis milling capabilities, as well as 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis milling functionality.

Integrated CAD/CAM software for SOLIDWORKS

HSMWorks is the premier CAD/CAM software, specially designed for SOLIDWORKS. This fully integrated solution allows users to streamline and expedite their manufacturing process right within their familiar design interface.

Developed by Autodesk, this add-on offers a plethora of features and tools tailored to enrich machining workflows. These include generating toolpaths, post-processing tasks, and preparing designs for manufacturing at an early stage in the development cycle.

The seamless nature of HSMWorks integration with SOLIDWORKS ensures maximum productivity while minimizing any potential disruption of workflow or learning curve struggles often associated with new software implementations.

It provides users access to high-end CAM capabilities without leaving their comfortable design environment – a unique advantage that significantly enhances efficiency while reducing cost. As part of its robust feature set, it also offers 5-axis mill and lathe support suitable for a broad spectrum of machining applications.

2.5 and 3-axis milling capabilities

HSMWorks not only delivers streamlined workflow but also exhibits exceptional milling capabilities. It encompasses advanced 2.5 and 3-axis milling features—embedded within the SOLIDWORKS environment—allowing users to create tool paths, manage tools efficiently, and post-process for these specific applications right inside their CAD design software.

The 2.5-axis milling component offers comprehensive strategies such as drilling, pocketing, contouring, and facing which significantly lowers setup time on machines leading to increased efficiency.

With just a few clicks in HSMWorks, the integrated 3-axis traditional roughing strategy can be activated to remove material from complex part geometry swiftly while maintaining complete control of stepover distance between passes.

Simultaneously, its scallop setting makes sure that there's an equal distance between passes based on the specified scallop height delivering superior surface finish quality in record timing.

This empowers professionals according to their unique manufacturing needs resulting in improved productivity with less expenditure of resources.

3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis milling

HSMWorks takes machining to a whole new level with its 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis milling capabilities. This feature enables users to machine complex models with high precision and accuracy, significantly enhancing productivity.

Unlike traditional methods that limit motion on three axes, 5-axis milling allows movements along five different axes simultaneously. This multi-dimensional movement ensures precise cuts at any direction, eliminating the need for multiple setups while reducing both production time and potential errors.

Crafted specifically for SolidWorks integration, its superior multi-axis functionality makes HSMWorks an exceptional solution even for the most challenging manufacturing projects regardless of their design complexity or material hardness.

The software's support for these advanced operations demonstrates its versatility in meeting the diverse needs of various industries ranging from manufacturing to engineering and design.

AutoCAD connectivity

HSMWorks offers AutoCAD connectivity, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their designs with SOLIDWORKS. This feature enables designers and engineers to easily transfer and modify CAD files between the two software programs.

With AutoCAD connectivity, users can take advantage of HSMWorks' advanced CAM capabilities while working in a familiar interface. Whether you're collaborating with colleagues or receiving files from external sources, AutoCAD connectivity ensures smooth communication and workflow integration throughout the design-to-manufacturing process.

Machine simulation

HSMWorks offers machine simulation capabilities that allow users to visualize and validate their machining operations before running them on the actual equipment. This feature provides a virtual representation of the entire manufacturing process, including toolpaths, cutting tools, and machine movements.

By simulating the machining operations in a digital environment, users can identify potential collisions or errors that could occur during production. This helps to minimize costly mistakes and ensures smoother execution of the manufacturing process.

With HSMWorks' machine simulation, users can gain confidence in their machining operations and optimize efficiency while reducing downtime and scrap material waste.

Turning and mill-turn capabilities

HSMWorks for SOLIDWORKS offers impressive turning and mill-turn capabilities, providing users with a comprehensive solution for their machining needs. With this software, you can easily generate toolpaths for both turning and mill-turn operations within the familiar SOLIDWORKS environment.

HSMWorks allows for efficient programming of multi-axis turning operations, enabling users to create complex parts with ease. Its integrated CAM functionality ensures seamless transitions between different machining processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Whether you're working on simple or intricate components, HSMWorks has the tools and features to optimize your turning and mill-turn operations, enhancing productivity and accuracy.

Benefits of Using HSMWorks for SolidWorks

Higher productivity

Using HSMWorks for SolidWorks can significantly increase productivity in your design and manufacturing processes. With its integrated CAD/CAM software, HSMWorks streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need for separate platforms or interfaces.

This means you can seamlessly transition from designing to machining within one environment, saving you valuable time and effort. Additionally, HSMWorks offers optimization features that help maximize efficiency, ensuring your projects are completed faster without sacrificing quality.

Whether you're a design engineer or a CNC machinist, incorporating HSMWorks into your workflow can boost your productivity and ultimately improve the overall success of your projects.

Reduced costs

Using HSMWorks can lead to reduced costs in your manufacturing processes. By integrating CAM software directly into SOLIDWORKS, HSMWorks eliminates the need for separate CAD and CAM systems, saving you money on licensing fees and reducing the complexity of your workflow.

With HSMWorks, you can optimize tool paths and machining strategies, resulting in faster cutting times and minimizing material waste. This increased efficiency translates to cost savings by maximizing machine utilization and reducing overall production time.

Additionally, implementing HSMWorks can help reduce human error in programming CNC machines, further lowering costs associated with rework or scrapped parts. Save both time and money with the streamlined productivity that comes from using HSMWorks software.

Shorter time to market

Using HSMWorks software can significantly reduce the time it takes to bring products to market. By streamlining and optimizing the design and manufacturing process, HSMWorks enables companies to accelerate their production timeline without compromising on quality.

With its integrated CAD/CAM capabilities, HSMWorks allows users to seamlessly transition from designing in SOLIDWORKS to generating toolpaths for machining, all within a single software environment.

This eliminates the need for data conversion or manual rework, saving valuable time and effort. Additionally, HSMWorks offers advanced features such as machine simulation and turning capabilities, further enhancing efficiency and ensuring that products can be manufactured accurately and quickly.

Accessible and easy-to-use

HSMWorks is designed with accessibility and ease-of-use in mind, making it a valuable tool for users of all skill levels. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly features, HSMWorks allows users to quickly become proficient in the software and start achieving productive results right away.

The software provides easy-to-use tools that streamline the machining process, allowing users to create complex designs with precision and efficiency. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to CAD/CAM software, HSMWorks ensures a smooth learning curve and enables you to maximize your productivity without any unnecessary complexities or steep learning curves.

Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS

HSMWorks offers seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS, allowing for a smooth and efficient workflow from design to CNC manufacturing. As a fully integrated CAM solution, HSMWorks operates directly inside SOLIDWORKS, eliminating the need to export or convert files between different software programs.

This integration ensures that all design changes made in SOLIDWORKS are automatically updated in HSMWorks, saving time and reducing errors. Users can easily access HSMWorks tools and functionalities within the familiar SOLIDWORKS interface, enabling them to become productive within minutes.

With this level of integration, users can seamlessly transition between CAD and CAM processes, streamlining the entire production process.

Who Can Benefit from Using HSMWorks

Design and manufacturing teams

Design and manufacturing teams can greatly benefit from using HSMWorks for SOLIDWORKS. With its integrated CAD/CAM capabilities, HSMWorks allows teams to seamlessly transition from designing to manufacturing within the same software.

This eliminates the need for exporting and importing files between different programs, saving time and reducing errors. By utilizing HSMWorks' advanced CAM features, design and manufacturing teams can optimize their workflow, resulting in higher productivity and reduced costs.

Additionally, with its familiar interface for SOLIDWORKS users, HSMWorks makes it easy for teams to adapt to the software without extensive training or a steep learning curve. Boosting efficiency and streamlining the design-to-manufacturing process has never been easier with HSMWorks.

Engineers and product designers

Engineers and product designers can greatly benefit from using HSMWorks for SolidWorks software. With its integrated CAD/CAM capabilities, HSMWorks simplifies the machining process by seamlessly integrating with SOLIDWORKS, allowing engineers and product designers to efficiently design and manufacture their products.

The user-friendly interface of HSMWorks makes it easy for these professionals to quickly learn and use the software, while advanced toolpath strategies and optimization options enhance the efficiency and precision of their machining operations.

Additionally, HSMWorks offers post processors that ensure compatibility with different machine tools and control systems, giving engineers and product designers the flexibility they need in their projects.

CNC machinists

CNC machinists play a crucial role in the manufacturing process, and they can greatly benefit from using HSMWorks software. With its intuitive interface and integrated CAD/CAM capabilities, HSMWorks simplifies the programming of toolpaths for CNC machines.

This allows machinists to efficiently create accurate and high-quality parts. The software also offers multi-axis simultaneous machining, enabling complex operations to be performed with precision.

By utilizing HSMWorks, CNC machinists can optimize their workflow, increase productivity, and achieve superior results in their machining projects.

Manufacturing companies

Manufacturing companies can greatly benefit from using HSMWorks for SolidWorks. This integrated CAD/CAM software provides a seamless workflow between design and manufacturing, allowing companies to optimize their production processes.

With features like 2.5 and 3-axis milling capabilities, as well as turning and mill-turn capabilities, manufacturing teams can create precise toolpaths within the familiar SolidWorks interface.

HSMWorks also offers machine simulation, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring efficient production. By utilizing HSMWorks, manufacturing companies can increase productivity, reduce costs, and shorten time to market, ultimately gaining a competitive edge in their industry.

Why Choose HSMWorks

Choose HSMWorks for its enhanced productivity and efficiency, improved design-to-manufacturing integration, familiar interface for SOLIDWORKS users, and advanced CAM capabilities.

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

HSMWorks for SolidWorks offers enhanced productivity and efficiency for design and manufacturing teams. With its fully integrated CAD/CAM solution, users can seamlessly transition from design to machining without the need to switch software.

This streamlines the entire workflow and eliminates time-consuming rework. HSMWorks also provides advanced CAM capabilities that optimize machining processes, resulting in improved productivity.

Users can benefit from reduced cycle times and improved machining accuracy, ultimately leading to cost savings and shorter time to market. Additionally, HSMWorks' familiar interface makes it easy for SOLIDWORKS users to adapt quickly and start being productive within minutes.

Improved design-to-manufacturing integration

HSMWorks offers improved design-to-manufacturing integration, streamlining the process from concept to production. With its seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS, users can easily transition from designing parts to generating toolpaths for machining.

This eliminates the need for manual file conversions or transferring data between different software platforms. By working in a familiar interface connected to powerful design tools, engineers and product designers can collaborate more efficiently with manufacturing teams, ensuring that designs are optimized for production while reducing errors and rework.

HSMWorks' advanced CAM capabilities further enhance this integration by providing efficient cutting strategies and optimizing cutter paths, resulting in higher productivity and improved overall workflow efficiency.

Familiar interface for SOLIDWORKS users

HSMWorks offers a familiar interface for SOLIDWORKS users, allowing them to seamlessly transition between CAD and CAM without the need for additional software. This integration enables users to work within the same environment they are already familiar with, maximizing productivity and minimizing learning curves.

With HSMWorks, SOLIDWORKS users can easily access powerful design tools while taking advantage of advanced CAM capabilities. By eliminating the need to switch between different software applications, HSMWorks streamlines the design-to-manufacturing process, saving time and reducing errors.

Advanced CAM capabilities

HSMWorks offers advanced CAM capabilities that allow users to optimize their manufacturing processes and increase efficiency. With features like adaptive clearing, toolpath generation, and post-processing additions, HSMWorks enables users to generate high-quality toolpaths for 2.5 and 3-axis milling as well as 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axis milling.

This means that complex machining operations can be easily executed with precision and accuracy. By harnessing the power of these advanced CAM capabilities, users can streamline their workflow and achieve optimal results in a shorter amount of time.

Integrations and Related Products

HSMWorks seamlessly integrates with other Autodesk software, such as Inventor and Fusion 360, allowing for enhanced interoperability and expanding the range of CAM solutions available to users.

Interoperability with other Autodesk software

Autodesk offers seamless interoperability between HSMWorks and its other software applications, allowing for efficient collaboration and integration across different programs. This means that users can easily transfer data and designs between HSMWorks and other Autodesk tools such as Fusion 360, Nastran, 3ds Max, Navisworks, and Recap.

This level of interoperability streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and enables a more comprehensive design-to-manufacturing process. Whether you need to incorporate simulation capabilities or leverage powerful visualization tools, the interoperability between HSMWorks and other Autodesk software ensures a holistic approach to your CAD/CAM solutions.

Additional CAM solutions

HSMWorks is not the only option for CAM software integration with SOLIDWORKS. There are other related CAM solutions available that can provide users with even more options and capabilities. For example, SOLIDWORKS CAM Powered by CAMWorks allows users to program directly within their CAD files, referencing faces, edges, and geometry to enhance the programming process.

This seamless integration between design and manufacturing teams eliminates the need for data translation and reduces errors in the machining workflow. By automating toolpath generation and optimizing machining operations, these additional CAM solutions help streamline the manufacturing process for professionals in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and industrial machinery.


In conclusion, HSMWorks is a powerful and efficient CAM solution that seamlessly integrates with SOLIDWORKS software. With its extensive features and easy-to-use interface, it allows design and manufacturing teams, engineers, CNC machinists, and manufacturing companies to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and streamline their workflow.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, HSMWorks is the perfect choice for maximizing your design-to-manufacturing integration and achieving optimal results. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your CAD/CAM experience - get HSMWorks today!