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VisualCAM 2018 for SOLIDWORKS is based on our industry leading VisualCAM software that is fully integrated in SOLIDWORKS. From simple 2-1/2 axis to full 5-axis indexed milling, VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS will help you make parts, fast. VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS also an add-on TURN module. This family of products offers several options to fit your machining needs and are fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS, offering an intuitive combined user interface for CAD and CAM, fully associative toolpath updates, and a wide variety of post processors. Compared to a stand-alone CAM system, VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS will save you countless hours by automatically updating toolpaths when your model changes. And being integrated with SOLIDWORKS means you only have one interface to learn, saving even more valuable time. This fully associative parametric CAD/CAM system makes VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS one of the most cost effective and powerful systems in the market today.

Marrying the power and functionality of SOLIDWORKS Design’s parametric design capabilities with the robust and powerful milling capabilities of MecSoft’s standalone CAM software, VisualCAM 2018 for SOLIDWORKS delivers outstanding ease of use, associativity to design, power, speed and affordability. There isn’t a better CAD/CAM software package on the market for the price than the combination of SOLIDWORKS Design and VisualCAM. The MILL module of this product has an extremely powerful feature set that allows the user to generate
2 1/2, 3, 4, 5 axis tool paths for CNC machining your SOLIDWORKS Design 3D models. It comes with hundreds of free posts as well as the ability to generate your own if needed.

The VisualCAM-TURN module in VisualCAM-TURN for SOLIDWORKS is used to program 2-axis CNC turning centers or lathes. Includes powerful 2 Axis turning machining methods to handle complex programming tasks. Just as in VisualMILL, the easy interface, allows a user to machine a part in very short time. One of the best value packed lathe products available today.